Notes On Nutrition: November Is American Diabetes Month

STOCK THE PANTRY Packaged items offer convenience; however, beware of hidden sugars, fats and sodium. Read food labels and ingredient panels to help identify healthy choices. And dont just look at the sugar content, be sure to look at total carbohydrates since they will break down and raise your blood sugar. Some examples of healthier choices may include beans, quinoa, wild rice, and steel cut oats. COOKING METHODS Choose liquid fats like olive oil for cooking rather than solid fats that can be high in saturated and trans fat. Remember, fat is high in calories so if youre watching your weight, watch the portion sizes. Choose healthy cooking methods such as grilling, steaming, broiling, baking and stir-frying. Add flavor without extra fat by marinating meats and seasoning vegetables and grains with fresh, dried herbs and spices.


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