9 ‘healthy’ Alternatives That Are Just As Bad As The Originals

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Balancing Diet, Weight Loss, Healthy Living

Tell us in the comments! Also on HuffPost: Loading Slideshow Whole Foods “Emerging research in the fields of neuroscience and nutrition show that people who eat a diet of modern processed foods have increased levels of depression, anxiety, mood swings, hyperactivity, and a wide variety of other mental and emotional problems,” wrote HuffPost blogger and psychiatrist Dr. Drew Ramsey. One way to combat the ill effects of a processed diet is simply to start with a whole, unprocessed one. Cooking one’s own meals out of natural ingredients is a good way to take care of the body and the brain. Salmon Salmon and other fatty fish that are high in omega-3 fatty acids DHA and EPA could play a role in overall mood and well-being. Research shows that these fats have a protective effect against depression and in one study helped reduce the anxiety experienced by medical students. Vegetarian sources of omega-3s include walnuts and flaxseed, which are both high in ALA, which the body may partially convert to DHA and EPA, according to a Harvard report.

In the UK, NHS recommends the average male and female to take up to 2,500 and 2000 calories respectively but in the US, authorities have sought men and women to maintain at least 2,700 and 2,200 calories. Balancing diet, weight loss, fitness for healthy living and weight management is based on several factors such as age, body size, height of an individual, gender as well as overall way of life. For instance, a 22 year old male at a height of 6 feet would need more calories than a 70 year old woman at a height of 5 feet. The prevalent rate of obese and overweight people in the United States is higher than those in the United Kingdom. NHS emphasizes the benefits of physical fitness and maintaining a healthy balanced diet instead of on daily calorie count. NHS also stressed the need to balance the number of calories consumed to the numbers burned on a daily basis. UNs Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO), records that the minimum numbers of calories to be taken each day by an average person worldwide are about 1,800 kilocalories. The biggest question, however, is linked to calories and kilocalories.


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