Colorado: Microcosm Of Confusion On Health Law

“I’m hoping that the competitive environment of a marketplace would have prices become more reasonable, with multiple options.” But he adds, “At this point, it’s to be determined, right?” A roundtable discussion on Health Care hosted by USA TODAY’s Susan Page. (Photo: Marc Piscotty for USA TODAY) ‘FIND IT AND FIX IT’ There’s a frantic energy on the 26th floor of the tony Denver office building where workers at Connect for Health Colorado are trying to fix glitches in the computer system before enrollment opens Tuesday.

Health Law: What’s Delayed and What Isn’t

However, the administration said Thursday that the federal exchange wont be ready to accept online applications on Oct. 1 . Small businesses wont be able to shop for or compare plans online until Nov. 1, although they can submit paper applications, an official said. Spanish site: The federal marketplaces Spanish-language site wont be ready to enroll people for coverage until mid-October, the administration also said Thursday. State exchanges: Oregon, Colorado and the District of Columbia each of which is operating its own exchangehave said individuals wont be able to sign up for coverage online Oct. 1 because of technology problems. The states are taking an extra two weeks to a month to get their websites ready, and they say people will still be able to sign up in time for coverage to start Jan. 1.


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