Green Giant Announces “giant Difference Campaign” Aimed At Diet Cheaters

A new survey commissioned by Green Giant found that one in five Americans are currently on a diet, yet 34 percent view dieting as stressful and dieters are likely to be hungry more than half of the time when watching what they eat. This may lead to cheating four in ten Americans would cheat on a diet at least daily! To address this issue, Green Giant launched a new campaign to help those wanting to lose weight and turn the tables about how they think about vegetables. The brand is partnering with Dr. Venus Nicolino, better known as Dr. V, from the hit Bravo TV show “L.A. Shrinks,” to coach a handful of diet cheaters as they try to kick their annoying diet cheating habits to the curb. (Photo: ) Dr.

No, seriously: Diet sodas are terrible for you, too

“Data from these recent studies suggest a link between consumption of artificially sweetened beverages and a variety of negative health outcomes…especially in adults,” the authors wrote. “In none of these prospective studies was artificially sweetened beverage consumption associated with a significantly decreased risk.” There have been a lot of theories as to why artificial sweeteners don’t yield the positive effects they promise. One of the big ones is psychological: People who drink diet sodas perceive them as healthy and then overeat other unhealthy foods.


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