No science behind blood-type diets

“Currently, there is no evidence to support that Blood Type Diets’ have any effect on positively benefiting your health,” said Beth Warren, a registered dietician in New York City who was not involved in the study. “The fad diet was only made popular by a book during 1996with no evidence to support it,” Warren told Reuters Health. “Eat Right 4 Your Type” by Peter D’Adamo has more than 7 million copies in print, and outlines a theory about which foods are best for people with the various ABO blood types to eat and which to avoid.

4 Terrible Diets to Avoid

Cosmetic surgeon Dr. Nikolas Chugay had seen the procedure done in Latin America, especially Venezuela, so he introduced it in the U.S. four years ago at a price of $2,000 a pop. Diet includes an exercise plan and a daily drink of 800 calories. Tube feeding diet Brides-to-be, want to squeeze into that strapless wedding gown in 10 days? One terrible diet scheme is the K-E Diet (short for Ketogenic Enternal Nutrition), which promises to help you drop weight quickly by being fed through a feeding tube. Through the tube, dieters are fed a carb-free mixture of protein, fat, and water, adding up to only 800 calories a day. Drunkorexia diet Basically, a diet based on alcohol and little else. Experts find that as many as one in six US college women skip meals to get drunk faster and “make room” for alcohol calories, with three times as many women reportedly engaging in what’s dubbed “drunkorexia” than men. The 6 Weeks to OMG Diet The diet calls for skipping breakfast, exercising first thing in the morning after drinking black coffee, then sitting in a cold bath to encourage the burning of stored fat until 10 a.m.


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