Nutrition: Best to eat before and after exercise

Nutrition menu planning software for oregon youth authority [TendersInfo (India)]

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This means giving your body the carbohydrates and protein it needs. Pre-workout Early-morning workouts present challenges beyond just dragging yourself out of bed. If you have less than an hour before your workout, you will have to eat something that is easily digestible and high in carbohydrates. And, of course, make sure you hydrate. If you are working out early in the morning, maybe you have a banana before the workout, since the body has used up most of the glycogen stores overnight, Suzanne Girard Eberle, sports nutritionist and author of Endurance Sports Nutrition, says.

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Ghana: First CSO Consultation On the New National Nutrition Policy Held in Accra

Speaking at the first Civil Society Organisations (CSOs) consultation workshop on a new National Nutrition Policy in Accra, yesterday, Nana Poakwah said, even though some form of consultation on the policy had taken place, there was still the need for further consultation, especially by representatives of CSOs who would embark on the necessary advocacy and campaign activities as well as monitoring the exercise across the country to ensure that the policy was fully implemented. Nana Poakwah assured stakeholders of civil society’s commitment to changing the unacceptable child nutrition indicators in the country, especially the prevalence rate of stunting, wasting, and anaemia. The policy gives a clear direction on the way forward for nutrition in the country and provides Ghana with evidence-based issues for building a case for food security and nutrition, communication, advocacy and policy discourse at the national and community levels. In his remarks, Mr Nguyenduc Hoang, United Nations Representative in Ghana who doubles as the Head of Programmes at the World Food Programme (WFP), observed that the WFP, in line with its mandate, remained passionate about food and nutrition security, particularly in countries such as Ghana, where silent hunger in the form of micro-nutrient deficiencies and chronic under-nutrition did not present the compelling images of acute hunger, represented by thin emaciated children. Mr Hoang said Ghana was among 20 countries where stunting was above 20% and where children under five years experienced sub-optimal growth due to chronic under-nutrition and seasonal food shortage. He disclosed that the 2011 Multiple Indicator Cluster Survey (MICS) found nearly 23% of children under five years stunted or too short for their age which represented a very slow decline from the 34% reported 25 years ago in 1988. Furthermore, according to the report, he said 13% of children under-five were underweight and 6% wasted or too thin for their height.


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