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13 Smart Ways To Stay Healthy On A Road Trip

She’s not having any fun. Her classmates check her out from a distance, and keep that By Julie Inzanti It seems like our carefully curated transitional wardrobe may never see the light of day, literally. April showers have decamped to June, extending or our seasonal affective disorder. We haven’t had the necessary handful of balmy days of May and June to brown our gams for the general public.

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Fill a cooler with ice or cool packs and load it with plenty of nutritious, easy-to-eat snacks like low-sugar yogurt cups (choose plain or Greek to avoid mega-doses of sugar), string cheese, fresh fruit, homemade granola bars , cut-up veggies and hummus, healthy trail mix, unsalted nuts, dried seaweed snacks or preservative-free meat jerky . 2.Choose water. Bring a few reusable ( BPA-free ) water bottles and fill ’em up at every rest stop. If overnight lodgings include a freezer, chill bottles while you sleep for ice-cold H20 all day long. Avoid soda and creamy, sweet coffee drinks, which pack unnecessary sugar and fat. 3.Stretch your legs (and shoulders and neck). Stop frequently (at least a few times a day) to get out of the car, move around and do a few stretches. The hip flexors , lower back , shoulders and neck are most likely to tense up after a few hours at the wheel.

Recently, we looked at the dangers of hot cars, how air… Summer health and safety: Sun exposure August 6, 2013 After a brief hiatus, were continuing our summer health and safety series today. In the past, we looked at the dangers of hot cars and how air quality can affect your health. Today, lets take a… This Weekend: Stay active August 2 4 August 2, 2013 August is here.


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