Juice diets lead to same failure as other diets: Column

Diets in Review’s Award for Best Meal Delivery Diet Bestowed Upon bistroMD

I suspect part of it is just where we live. Yes, telling people how and what to eat is more than a California concern; diet industry revenue nationally was $61.6 billion in 2012. But Los Angeles was the first place where immoveable foreheads became normal.

BistroMD was compared to Diet to Go and Freshology. BistroMD received the most 5’s and their winning Jerk Chicken entree sealed the deal. “At bistroMD we use the nutritional platform I have developed for my patients and deliver entrees that perfectly fit my proven science for healthy weight loss.

Check Your Diets At The Door: Baltimore County Restaurant Week Begins Friday

(WJZ) It may be the best two weeks in Baltimore County for foodies. Restaurant Week kicks off Friday! As Gigi Barnett explains, its a challenge for chefs to create the dishes that keep customers coming back.


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