Korean Celebrities’ Diets Part 1: Girls’ Generation- KARA

Eating one meal a day and working out on top of that can in no way be good for your physical body, but hey maybe I’m wrong. It started having me think about celebrities and diets in general so let’s take a look at some of the healthier diet plans of the stars. Like Us on Facebook : Girls’ Generation ‘s trainer Kim Jihoon said that the girls’ diet consists of seasonal herbs, 5 cuts of broccoli, grilled chicken breast, and brown rice. On top of the 1500 calorie diet, they have a rigorous workout regiment. miss A said they were amazed and shocked at SNSD’s diet plan. The girls said that prior to appearing on Jeong Sun Hee’s SBS radio show. “A Night Like Tonight,” they ate a bowl of meat and dumplings for lunch. miss A has admitted to being huge fans of Korean meat, also known as bulgogi. KARA ‘s Nicole was on the “Denmark Diet,” which is a quick way to lose weight in just 2 weeks. It was developed by a Danish hospital and it focuses on eating proteins (eggs) and vegetables for 2 straight week.


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